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My Experience - From Financial Burden to Bliss: Embracing a Debt-free Lifestyle

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A page from my diary...


Since mid-march this year, I have been living at my native village. It's been of course a healthy lifestyle here for me but then few things have really put me off lately because of such small mindless talks and gossips. There were instances where I have met and interacted with lots of people and relatives. Unknowingly, they have helped me to observe lot of things about human behavior which I used to consider as exceptional cases with few people/relatives during my childhood days. But, now when I see those same people, my idea about them is getting more and more concretized because of the way they never helped you, words they spoke back then, still continue to say so and the expectations they have from us now.

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I don't give a damn about how much any person earns, rather I find it more satisfying when I see people becoming more successful, self-dependent and achieving big self-goals in their lives. There were few incidences which changed my attitude towards money in my childhood itself. An instance that I remember vividly was one where my relatives were in a position to help us after seeing our terrible struggles that we were going through at that time while living in a small unfinished rented house in Jharkhand. I don't want to highlight about what happened exactly but to summarize in one line, they offered us some help initially but later they backed-off which somehow pushed our family into further more years of debts. That incidence shall never come out of my mind however hard I might try.


I learnt two big lessons that year. Firstly, never to promise or say anything, if you can't keep them or don't have the guts to stand by them, not even out of pity on someone's situation. And, the other one was that if you ever find yourself blessed enough to help someone in any possible ways, do it but without any fake promises.


Now, coming back to human nature where this write-up started with. Once you break the generational poverty after 3-4 decades of struggles, life full of debts, how easily those relatives come and say that they have so much of comforts, big homes, money flowing like anything and you hear them whispering that they don't do enough for us whenever you visit them on different occasions. How nicely they unseen all the pains, the struggles we have gone through for almost 4 decades, who never stood by us either emotionally or in any possible ways which they were capable of.


I want to keep it simple, I want myself neither running after money nor dying every single day because of less money, I just want to live a life debt-free and that is more than everything to me.


Never demean anyone. Everyone is going through their own struggles and also never forget about the past where you came from once you are successful!

Hope this shitty diary page will help you stay grounded! 😅


Until next time,

Take care everyone!


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