Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Hunger and unemployment

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I remember every single detail of that summer afternoon. To feel that afternoon a little more better, just come alongwith me to the background set of events that ultimately broke me into someone which nobody would ever be proud of.

I was officially unemployed for quite sometime. I didn't share this stage of my unemployment with any of family members except my younger sister.
I used to talk to everyone in my family so that nobody smells that I was jobless at that time for quite some weeks already.

I remember one instance when I was talking to my father one afternoon. He was at our native grandfather home at that time. He said one guy from our neighborhood in the village had purchased Royal Enfield. To which I replied that purchasing a bike is so easy now-a-days. Even I will buy it in sometime. But, deep down, I was actually lying to him.

As I had nothing much to do in a day after losing the job except applying for new roles as a designer. But, I was rarely getting any calls for interviews. So, I thought of visiting my elder sister place for about a week without letting her know about my current job loss. I informed her that this afternoon, I would be reaching your place. In the evening hours, we went to pick up my nephew from his play-school. He was a bit hungry by that time so he was asking for some south Indian food, I don't remember exactly but I guess it was idli-sambhar. Fortunately, Didi gave me fifty rupees to pay for that as she had some work in the nearby shop. But earlier, I never used to take any money from her especially when I wanted to buy something for my nephew. We headed towards a South Indian restaurant nearby.

Just after paying the bill for the food, when we were waiting on our table, I was looking into the tired face of our baby and somehow I felt myself as the biggest looser in that single moment. In those days, I had to literally keep an eye on every single penny that I was spending as I was left with very less money in my account which was getting used up in rent, daily food and traveling expenses to attend few interviews now and then in Delhi/NCR.

That evening, I promised to myself that when I will have a job, I will try to fulfil all the demands of whatever our baby wants to eat.

Luckily, after another few more rough months, I got some freelance work to survive the heat. Those were some of hardest months that I survived and then one fine day, after more than four and a half months of continuous struggle, I got a small job to work as a graphic designer with a photographer in Delhi.

In this life, I would never forget about my past, to be precise where I came from.

Until next time, keep your spirit high and never loose hope for a better future.
Good days still lies ahead of us!

Take care!


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