Friday, April 8, 2011

Anna Hazare's Gandhism for India

Who is this Anna Hazare ? From where he came to rule the Hearts of millions of Indians all of a sudden!
It's not that way as it seems..He has been fighting for almost 20 years. The only thing that has changed now is that Anna Hazare is getting the support from all over India.
Few years back, when I was at school I knew his name as someone who is a Social activist, nothing more than that. But for the last few months, His name was getting more and more prominent in my mind, since the time I heard Him somewhere while surfing some news channels. He was speaking at some rally against corruption along with some other social activists like Swami Ramdev, Kiran Bedi, Swami Agnivesh, Arvind Kejriwal and others. At that time I never comprehended that such Rally would end up in such a Big Movement against Corruption !!!

What I personally believe is that Anna Hazare is representing the Common Indian People who have been suffering from almost every functioning pillars of Indian democracy since the day we got our independence.
He is just like one of the COMMON MAN. But, what makes Him stand out of the crowd is that He living for others while others(which equals corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, leaders, industrialist, businessman etc.) are living for themselves.

Anna Hazare's indefinite fast has of course triggered the Chain-Reaction among the masses of India to fight against corruption. Most importantly, it is acting as a fuel for the Young generation & giving them a motive to fight against such a Devil Menace present in our society.

The youth of India have never seen before Gandhism in Real life. But, it's quite possible that young Indian might have got the Glimpse of what Gandhism is all about from various movies like Gandhi, Lage Raho Munna Bhai and so on...

By this time, the 4th day of Anna Hazare's indefinite fast, India has felt the strong vibes of Gandhism among its citizen from every walks of life. Almost every Indian is pained by Anna Hazare's fast unto death. The issue raised by Anna Hazare is getting Viral kind of support only because it concerns the common people of India in the form of JAN LOKPAL BILL.

One of the politician very correctly remarked that the central government is 'not scared' of the ongoing protest by veteran Gandhian Anna Hazare, but is definitely scared of the 'public'.

Ingenuously speaking, for me  what I feel is that now India has got  true Mahatma in this 21st century after India's Independence.

He portrays Mahatma Gandhi in its true sense.

Everyone of us kept on saying that nothing will change in India. But, it is Anna Hazare who came forward to fight against this malice and now whole of India is supporting Him for this Noble cause.

Anna lead us, We are with You.
Long Live Anna Hazare and His kind of species who are making India a Proud Nation !!!

Don't forget to speak whatever you think about this Great Movement because every single step will make a Big difference. Take Pride in being a part of it.......


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  1. i liked your post & its awesome and you did a great work to make aware your readers about the good work carrying out by our "Anna" to eradicate this(Corruption) stigma from our country.People this is the high time to think beyond our selfishness and join hand in hand with Anna.

  2. woowwww!!1....nice work......i m with anna..........nd ur???....


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