Friday, January 21, 2011

cartoon speaks.....

Hullo friends,
Sometimes we start doing those things which seems a lot fascinating to many of  us. We then jump-start such activities without knowing about our strength, capabilities, limitations and anything else !

just for example in the following cartoon the girl might have started mountaineering because of style statement or might be influenced by someone. Whatever be the reason, she failed in it only because she didn't bother to introspect herself even for a single moment. And, that mistake of hers results in failure, sometimes becoming laughingstock in the society !

So..its good to get inspired by someone, but never get influenced by anyone!

Much in the same way, we do give our best in the fields of our likings, or better we can say in which we enjoy thoroughly.....

like this guy is really enjoying chatting with someone even when his exams are fast approaching and that too in the midnight.

He might succeed in getting a girlfriend or two , all because he is doing that with full devotion. Ahh..don't mistake me..that's only for finding humor in it !!
WARNING: Don't copy this formula when you are facing some important exams  ;)

this soccer player may hit a goal again only because he is doing which he loves to do with full determination.

and the last fellow is enjoying  just every moment of fishing while sitting under the tree shade in cool and relaxing environment of a village.

Friends in the end, i would only say that we must think before we act in every aspect of life!

Feel free to share your opinions here in the comment box.

Until Next Time,
Enjoy cartooning,


Author & Editor


  1. very nice work.......
    All The Best.... :)

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  3. Yeah Steven, you rightly said it. We all have some special memories attached to such special moments of our lives when we were kids! ❤️

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    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation. Your comment made all the efforts worthwhile. 😊

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