Tuesday, December 7, 2021

When a dream feels like reality

I don't know how it happened but it  just happened. Today, for the first time I saw YOU in my dreams and the happiness of meeting YOU there is beyond my words stock. We were sitting at some place. We hugged each-other passionately without thinking about anyone else. Even, I saw few known faces out there. It felt so real that I could feel your presence as if we were in the physical world reality and not in the dreams!

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Today, I am really-really happy because I got to spend Ours time together for the first time ever without any physical world restrictions. We were completely enjoying each-other's company without looking at the clock, or even worrying about what society would think of us. You were sitting in my lap holding me tight. Just for a small moment, You were a bit conscious about the people thoughts but once I hugged You with all my heart, You melted in me after that warm hug. Then, we were walking around for a long time holding each-others' hands. We saw some goats on our way back home or some place (don't remember exactly where we were going) and gave those lovely animals something which were in my hand at that moment, as far as I remember, it was something like we were having grapes on our walk. I was so engrossed and so happy living my dream-life with You and never wanted to wake up again because You were mine forever, doesn't matter even if it was momentarily in my dreams!

What do you guys think about dreams? Do you believe that dreams have any connection with this physical realm of life. I have heard somewhere that when you remember the exact things that happened in your dreams then the universe is trying to give you some message.

Not sure but anyways the beautiful world of dreams always do fascinate me.

Would love to listen to your interesing dreams that you remember crystal clear. Do share your dreams here in the comment section.

Until next time keep dreaming!

Stay safe

P.S.- All words are imaginary.


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