Thursday, June 4, 2020

MOTHER ELEPHANT with so many dreams in her heart

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MOTHER ELEPHANT with so many dreams in her heart

I was feeling pathetic upon knowing the death of Her by those insensitive men, couldn't help but just tried putting them in my words before going to bed.

I do read news articles quite a lot but never prefer reading news related to sufferings of someone in any possible ways, be it humans or animals. But, just because it's a negative thing to read, I usually don't skip such heart wrenching incidences.
So was this news from Kerala- God's own country. A Mother Elephant died with a baby Elephant in her womb just because of man made tragedy in which locals fed Her Pineapple stuffed with crackers. I don't want to see it from region-wise perspective. It's something more worrisome than what it looks like. Animal cruelty has been happening across the globe time and again because of the lack of strict laws. She might have forgotten her way back to the forest but that doesn't give us any stupid right to kill two beautiful souls, one herself and the unborn baby.
Don't ever think it this way that those animals are encroaching our villages, our cities or anything because in the first place we have destroyed their natural habitats. So, we don't have any fucking right to utter even a single word when you, yourselves are living in their "once upon a time territory". First, we destroyed their natural territory, then we say, we're being attacked by wild animals and just in the name of protection of our crops, our people, we try to get rid of them either by captivating them or even stoop to the lowest level of killing them after torturing them to their souls.
She must have been hungry for a while. But, she might not have been aware of this human species who are best at pretending to be a nice living being. She ate the fruit which was fed to her, not knowing that this is going to be the last meal of her life. Can you ever fathom what she would have gone through, when the fruit exploded in her mouth. All those dreams of returning back to jungle, her joys of giving birth to her baby, her days of playing herself with her baby, all shattered in just one second. She might have felt in that single moment as loosing her world before her eyes. That single moment can turn anyone into a devil. But, she kept it calm. She didn't hurt even a single person in the village even when she was hit by inhumanely pain by those retarded people.
She was trying to soothe her wounds, without any feeling of revenge with anyone, she calmly went into the river water, stood there for a while with her teary eyes, feeling how helpless she has been rendered by these inhumane creatures of Earth.
Her Soul along with her baby left this Earth so silently that it can rip your degraded humanity without making any noise.

P.S.- We are very selective in our sympathy towards different animals, girls getting killed in wombs, different class of people who are being lynched, murders for uncountable reasons, based on our comfort of choice.


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