Friday, June 5, 2020

Happy Environment Day

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Well, the truth is that we have made some efforts to protect our environment to an extent. But, the other side of the coin also tells us that in last so many decades, all the governments have been mercilessly cutting the forests, cleaning up even the tribal lands by weakening the laws. Now, the nature is healing herself in the best possible ways during this Covid19 pandemic without any advertisements all across the globe. This very thing tells us that our efforts were never in-sync with the amount of damage we are doing every single second. We can wave off the loans of industrialists, businessmen, who are free to walk away from the country but not of farmers because they don't run away. Instead, they find dying as an easy escape.
Changes would come only if we start at the grass root levels, individual level on a daily basis and of course government efforts should match with what they promise.
Otherwise, nature has its own way to heal herself out of this mess we have created round the globe!
Ahh, did I miss to wish you A Happy environment day!


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