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3D Car Artist vacancy in Lakshya Digital | Work from home | Remote

Work from home job in Gaming, 3D Car/vehicle Artist Remote Job in gaming industry

Studio: Lakshya Digital

Location: Washington, United States

Work pattern: Work from home job, Full time

Lakshya Digital, a Keywords Studio is looking for a talented 2D and 3D artist with focus on vehicle/car designing. The Artist in our team will take in content that is 95% complete and apply the final polish in preparation for testing. These tasks may include; addition of animations, proprietary markup of content and applying the final polish pass to the content for best in-game presentation. While we work with assets entirely authored offsite, some UV unwrap, mapping, texture creation and modeling of objects can also be expected. The Vehicle Artist also fixes all content bugs and prepares the assets for shipping.

The Artist will be responsible for maintaining the quality of vehicle content and does regular check-ins throughout the authoring process to check whether the vehicle/car content is being authored to our spec and standards. The 3D Vehicle Artist will have experience creating and/or reviewing Vehicle/ Automobile/ Car content and will have knowledge of video game art production and authoring skills.

The day-to-day responsibilities involve:

  • Polish/Final vehicle art assets, bug fixing to the delivery of content at the quantity and quality level prescribed by the Vehicle Art Director
  • Review in-progress work and provide written feedback on adherence to technical specs (acceptance checklists)
  • Working in proprietary and third-party authoring tools and source control
  • Working in bug tracking software and maintaining daily bug fix numbers
  • Assimilating the production specifications and deliver consistent positive results
  • Preparation of incoming content to a state of being test-ready
  • Bug-fix – Modify content to correct functional or visual errors or elements out of spec
  • Bug investigation – Periodically, there will be investigative work assigned to the artist for clarification of an issue or search for root cause and solution.
  • Packet validation and creation


  • 3+ years’ experience in all aspects of 3D content authoring
  • Working knowledge of industry standard 2D and 3D packages (Photoshop, 3DS MAX, Maya)
  • 3+ years’ experience with source control and bug tracking software
  • High poly and low poly Hard surface modeling
  • Strong portfolio with a good mix of 2D and 3D work (scene breakdowns a plus)
  • Capable of taking and retaining complex instruction
  • Prior experience shipping AAA titles and a strong portfolio showcasing prior vehicle designs
  • Passion for car culture


At Keyword's we provide all our employees with:

  • Paid Time Off (including sick days and holidays)
  • 401k (3% matching)
  • Medical, Dental and Vision benefits
  • Salary: $31/hour

Where to apply:

Keywords Studios is dedicated to following a well-established Equal Opportunities Policy. We endeavor to create a workplace which provides for equal opportunities for all employees and potential employees.


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