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The parable of the two friends

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Big story short

Relationship of any kind doesn't break on its  own. Someone is obviously more responsible for the crack than the other. And, friendship is not an exception to it. Let me take you to this bunch of incidences that happened among three guys just a while back. There were three guys, in which one guy was a mutual friend to both. And, at some point of time in life, few things do happen almost alternatively so that you get a clear picture about both good and bad side of friends around you. Both the friends were going to start a new inning. Their marriages were around the corner. The mutual guy being a simple graphic designer who had a full time job was asked to design something beautiful and elegant invitation kind of stuff. First friend didn't insist much every single day for the same. But, the second friend kept on until the things were not ready. Now, when the designs were ready, it was the time to ask for the compensation for the amount of energy and time that graphic designer has put in. At this point, most of you would be thinking why to charge for any compensation from a friend just for the invitation design? Then, the answer is very simple: have you ever done anything when your professional skills are technical or mechanical for free for someone, keep aside the situation other than learning experiences? If not, then why do you think asking for money is weird by an artist. Coming back to the point where we were. The first friend paid for the job and requested genuinely him to be there in his marriage without any additional whipped creamy words.

But, the other friend just said that you are my  brother. Come to my marriage, we will have wines bottles opened up for you, I want my childhood friend to be there with me on my special day. You just be there on that day without any excuses. All the arrangements for stay and all will be arranged for you my brother.

So, the mutual friend had no choice but to attend both the marriages because now it was question of friendship and trust. So, he applied for a week long leave, booked the flight tickets, train tickets and did all other preparations to make it to both the marriages.

Marriage season started. First friend personally came to pick him and made sure that he doesn't face any problem at his place. In-spite of everything almost perfect, that friend booked one guest room beforehand, in case something goes wrong like electricity issues and any such problems. There was a warmth in his hospitality. At last his marriage finished off well.

Then, came that D-Day of second friend who had already promised so much of things. Frankly speaking, that mutual friend was really-really happy to see him getting married. His marriage finished without any issues. Everything was good there but not his fake words. In the night, that mutual friend was sleeping merely on a mat in the winter night without even a bed sheet forget about blanket. The next morning, the mutual friend woke up with a stiffed waist but anyways he had to shoot off for his journey carrying a bundle of good memories, joys and some sad lessons with a sad heart.

These were the major differences between the two. The first friend who never said anything but did everything because he had a genuine intention of being there even at times when he was not able to be there physically present among hundreds of his guests. But, the second friend, who said everything did nothing even when only few guests were there.

The moral of the story is that don't ever disregard an artist by not paying him for his job and don't ever promise/say even a single word in the flow of the moment if you can't live upto your own words!


Another Big story short some other day!


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