Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Hello all,
Happy Mother's Day to All of You!
People round the globe are celebrating Mother's Day on this Mother's day, I am dedicating this painting of mine to my Lovely Mother!

"whenever You hold my hands, I feel like God is showering so much of Blessings!"

Mother you have taught me how to walk, how to talk.. & most of all YOU have given me a great vision to see this world! I am grateful to YOU for just everything. Thank You Maa, for standing by my side whenever I needed you the Most, be it in the days of my success or the worst hard days of my failures as well.

I owe immeasurable debt to your motherhood. 

for the last few days, one question is continuously hovering over my mind is that MOTHER'S DAY is not so popular as compared to Valentine's Day! I couldn't understand the exact reason for this. The only possible reason for such a thing I could draw in the present day scenario is that valentine's day is over-hyped by the media, internet and all...even small kids know what Valentine's day means. But, how many of them know when a Mother's Day is celebrated! I guess a meager percentage only...

Now, I have a question to ask you that what should be done to make Mother's Day even more popular in the years to come?

Do feel free to share your feelings about your Mother.
May we All be Blessed with Her blessings forever!


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