Tuesday, September 8, 2020

My experience of working at MNC Amazon as an Artist

28 August 2020

Namaste to all the beautiful souls!
Exactly three years back, I landed here in Chennai with little doubts in my mind that how would I be able to manage things in a completely different culture, in a new working environment with tamil language which was back then completely a new language for me.
For me, few suggested that it would be a difficult time surviving down South India. But, then I said no to all the odds that was getting filled up in my head. And, I can now proudly say out loud that all of you who have been there with me since Day One, have helped me directly or indirectly to grow both professionally and also on personal front. It has been possible only because you guys never mistreated anyone basis there language, faith, numbers of working experience, or where does the employee come from.
I am saying this because I have worked in small offices where artists were not treated even as an artist but only labourers and nobody gives a damn about your personal-professional life balance. They never miss any stone unturned in abusing you, demeaning your art or artistic abilities just because you are a junior to them. They start comparing you and your abilities with their years of expertise.

Art is not something which comes alongwith the course completion. It needs time, experience of working with different art mediums. And, with each different kind of projects that you become part of, you are indirectly becoming a better version of yourself, if whatever you create is done with dedication and sweat of years and years of learning hours.
Today, I am completing my three years at Amazon with the amazing pool of 3d artists working in our team and it feels so good to see a collective growth of our 3d team from scratch to so much of innovation in work process and quality. Thank you to all the Amazonian colleagues-cum-friends for helping me out either directly or indirectly in becoming what I am today. The best thing that I have personally felt here is that seniors have not ever tried demeaning anyone in our team based on his number of years of experience, or skill sets. They invest time in training the people to make to them more confident in what they do which eventually helps each other and the organisation overall. This way, it has gave me more time for my hobbies,I started writing more poems, started more sketching, started blogging more often than before, I keep on learning new art softwares best practices which keeps me updated with art industry. And, hence striking an awesome balance between my personal and professional life.

If I keep writing all of my experiences, it would turn out to be lengthy one. So, may be, will share some other experiences some other time.
Looking forward to meet you all post Covid19 situation and have loads of work, fun, team outings, and of course team lunch all again like before.
Many good days still lies ahead of us! ❤️


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