Monday, April 9, 2018

What do you think, is your life your sole property?

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What do you think, is your life your sole property? Think again. Even after stressing a little, again if you are thinking that it is your life, you own the choice how you want to live your life, then I tell you are the biggest fool. Yes, may be my words are going to be harsh but it is the fact. Accept it. Your life, your every single breath matters for each people around you, be it your family, be it your friends or any close ones. Think of them at least once, what they would go through when you are gone. We have so much of responsibilities on our shoulders. We can't dare, in fact, we should never take our lives for granted just for fun or being cool. Nobody cares whether you are cool or not. Just to impress a bunch of friends, we start behaving something which are mostly not good at all, like taking drugs, booze, speed, blah-blah-blah... The list is endless. Just to be part of that circle, you start pretending to be one which you are not. It's completely OK to not to be addict of anything, it's completely OK if you don't drive fast, it's completely OK that you don't try to impress anyone. We don't need to be a puppet of situations just to be happy or make others happy. We all are feeling sad today because two of our teammates lost their wonderful lives in an accident. We lost two beautiful,innocent souls from our team Alex & Jagan because of mistakes of others. I don't know exactly what and how the accident happened and who is to be blamed for this? But, things like this can be avoided if we are a little more careful. I have seen few of my friends dying in unwanted time and their families suffering the same way even after years from very close. Almost, most of us are working far away from our homes, some of us are here, may be even thousands of miles away from our families. I am finding myself shivering, when I think of those departed souls' families, I feel tears in my eyes. With what courage, they are going to see those dead bodies of their own kids. If doing something is wrong, then don't come up with your bullshit reasons of being cool, it's a swag or anything else. Be realistic. Nobody is going to cry for you for more than few weeks or months except your family members. I am requesting you all with both of my folded hands to think of all those people who really make a difference to your life and are dependent on you, your smile, your happiness, your dreams. They have so much of hopes from us. Never shatter those dreams by any stupid actions. If you still believe that it is your life and you have every right to make it or break it your own way, then I tell you shouldn't have been born in the first place, when you can't think of others around you when you are alive. You need to be at peace in your life when you are here living this beautiful life gifted only once, not when you are gone. Peace of soul will be rendered basis your karma, how you have been to others, not anything else!


P.S.- After one month, strongly fighting to beat all the injuries, our friend Subham succumbed to death. We will always miss you all!


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