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Sushant Singh Rajput Bollywood Actor

The moment we say that I can't believe that a person like him or her would commit suicide. It all starts with this only, sushant singh rajput suicide

Sunday afternoon...
14 June 2020

I was busy preparing my lunch like any other lazy Sundays. Then, I heard my roomie calling me. He just said that Sushant Singh Rajput has committed suicide. For a moment, I couldn't believe that death news of Sushant Singh Rajput and wished that it might be a fake news. Then, after cleaning my hands, I googled it for the authenticity of the news. But, it turned out to be a hard truth to digest!

The moment we say that I can't believe that a person like him or her would commit suicide. It all starts with this only and we sometimes ignorant of the fact that trauma can happen with anyone.

Few months back, I watched his movie "Chhichhore" which dealt with extreme pressure that is being put up unknowingly on our kids so that they excel in the high collar jobs chosen by our parents. And, if that marked expectations are not met, the kid out of performance anxiety tries to end it all. His son finds suicide as the easiest escape. His reel dad, Sushant Singh Rajput, manages to save the life of his son.

Now coming to his real life, you are a source of inspiration for millions of middle class people who can achieve even the impossible with their hard work and dedication. In his last update on Instagram was like this, "Blurred past evaporating from teardrops, Unending dreams carving an arc of smile And a fleeting life, negotiating between the two." All of us can hardly imagine, what he was going through, all the mental trauma, the pains from the past that he has been bottling up deep inside his heart since the unknown time span.

In this age of behind the keyboard generation, we very easily get carried away with the lifestyles of actors, influencers, sportspersons, etc. that we hardly bother to think about the fact that they too have personal lives. They are also the same way just like you, me, all of us, the common people. Mental health doesn't differentiate us based on our caste, color, work profile or anything else. If you have got even one single person in your life who keeps on checking casually from time to time for no particular reason, keep them very securely, share whatever comes to your heart. You don't need to pile up the loads and burden of things that is pulling your life down mentally every single moment. If not, seek help from the people around you. There is just no shame in it at all.

I really respect all such people who are vulnerable, share the things as they're not as the society asks them to pretend. Hiding the things, your pains, does not make you a man, but sharing them would do.

We all are shocked whenever we hear such sad demise of people around us. I really feel bad especially about suicide news because I have already lost few of my friends because of this demon called suicide and there is nothing good to feel about it. We have created such a fake shell around us that we start believing in what is getting served on the outside, rather than trying to look inside the hearts of those faces which are willing to share their situations with you, but so called perfect society won't allow you to.

To stay healthy in this COVID19 time, it's completely okay to put mask on your face but atleast for the damn sake yourself, your mental health NEVER EVER MASK OFF YOUR FEELINGS with someone who is always there to listen to you, be it your family, your siblings, your friend, your colleague, medical assistance, just anyone because there is nothing wrong in sharing it before it becomes hard to handle and it oozes out in such bad news!

Everything heals, trust me!

Sushant Sir, you will always be missed and remembered!

©Birendra Kumar Choudhary
14 June 2020


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