Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Amma Blessings

Hello Good Hearted People,

I am going to share a true incidence in which I am one of the character.
I don't remember exactly when it started. But somehow it must have been more than a month or something more, I have been buying Bhutta (corn) from a Buddhi Amma (Old Lady). Now, I am her regular customer for the fresh hot Bhutta. Few days back, when I went to her to get one Bhutta, I heard her talking to another elderly figure about her pain of working even in this old age just because of her so called educated and responsible son! She was literally crying at that time.
This evening, when I went near her thela(cart), she was not there. I looked for her. After waiting for a while, I heard her voice from a distance. Beta wahi ruko, main aa gyi(my son wait there, I am coming). She came to me with a fast pace. After exchanging a few words, I asked for a hot Bhutta as for the whole day it has been raining and my taste buds were tempted to have the same. After she was done applying some lemon with salt on Bhutta, when she was giving the same to me, she started blessing me all of a sudden. She said that Bhagwan tumhari har ek manokaamna puri karey ( may God fulfill all your wishes). Out of respect, I simply asked her to remember me in her prayers!
She told me a very heart touching thing. She said that have trust on the God. He would bless you with everything that you want in your life.
I can't forget her each and every blessings.
I realised one thing that money can never make any person good or bad. Rather it is what is inside our hearts which make us what we are!
These days, I find such genuine true hearted people very rare when almost most of us are pretty selfish.
Amma God bless you forever and I will always come to you to have that yummy Bhutta as long as I am around.
Until next time,
Be good :)


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